0020 New training course “Introduction to real estate photography”

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Recently, I have been asked a few times by real estate agents if I could organise some sort of training or workshop in real estate photography for them.

In the past

Over the past years, I have followed the real estate market in Luxembourg closely and part of this action was to follow new offers on specialised web sites (like http://www.athome.lu ). One element that stroke me each time is the low importance and effort that real estate agents put into creating great photos of their objects.

These photos are supposed to make the best possible representation of the object on offer, so why is it that these photos are often quick snapshots on the smartphone, showing 3/4 of the rooms in dark, or overly bright windows with almost black counterparts for the rest of the room, flash bounces on bathroom tiles, uncleaned or untidied rooms? Just have a look on the first few pages of the above mentioned website (www.athome.lu) and you will be surprised by the below average quality of a lot of these images.

My offer

Based on my past experience, and considering the recent requests, I created a training workshop to give a basic understanding of real estate photography, including practical sessions and post processing in Adobe Lightroom CC to create a consistent, high quality images of all offered objects.


My detailed offer is available at my Training and Consulting site.


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