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Today, I’m going to present you five photography related books I own and that I can absolutely recommend to photography enthusiasts. (look here for a German version of this post)


Let’s start with a classic:

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment

This book assembles Cartier-Bresson’s best work from his early years. It has been published in 1952 by Simon and Schuster, New York, in collaboration with Editions Verve, Paris. The current new publication is a facsimile of the original book and therefore of course has a steep price tag.

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The next one reveals more of the selection process necessary to find the best shot in a series.

Magnum Contact Sheets” by Kristen Lubben

This book is original in the sense that it presents (probably for the first time) the contact sheets from Magnum photographers with the finally selected shot and shows you the original comments, notes, drawings etc. on the contact sheet. Additionally, the book provides the back story of the shooting sequence and how the idea and the selection of the final image developed.

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Let’s jump over to another interesting experience mixing street photography with portraits and interviews.

Humans of New York: Stories” by Brandon Stanton

Photographer Brandon Stanton, in 2010, started a blog ‘Humans of New York‘ with the idea of creating a photographic census of people living in New York. He realised this project by taking the photos and interviewing the people and publishing these on his blog. This first book was published in 2013 and got to the top of the Ney York Times bestseller list.

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Photographic legends and their iconic shots are united in Tim Mantoani’s book:

Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends by Tim Mantoani

In order to show the general public the photographers behind some of the most famous and iconic shots, he started his quest to reunite both of each in one picture. Have a look at the images and finally put a face of a photographer on it.

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And finally something completely different, with a link to my home country

Cargopilot by Christiaan Van Heijst

Christiaan Van Heijst is a 747 cargo pilot with Cargolux and has been a very enthusiastic aviation photographer for a very long time. He is an avid Instagramer and regularly posts images from the cockpit or from airfields around the world, while on tour with his big babies. Most interestingly, he write a lot of details, technical or anecdotical, under his instagram posts. More than 200 of his images have now been published in this beautiful book, which I got as a x-mas family present.

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